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Exported Hosting - Static Hosting Providers

Helloooo, I’ve been lurking here a while, it appears that there are frequent threads about Webflow pricing and very few threads about how to host externally. The webflow export solution is pretty damn streamlined and works well with some solutions I’ve found. I’ll list a few!

Netlify - Very well established, features form handling and free SSL. You can literally host a lot of low traffic sites with custom domains for free and upgrading to a paid account will provide a larger traffic cap (100GB free, 1TB paid).

Bitballoon - As far as I know they were bought by Netlify. Very similar platform and it is priced per site rather than per account / bandwidth.

Getforge - My personal favorite, priced per account bandwidth caps and free SSL, an absolute treat to use. It seems that it was recently sold to a dev group named Beach.

There are other more complicated solutions such as Github pages, amazon web services and google cloud,

Hope this helps some users.

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Hey guys, how come my post is no longer visible in the thread:

I’m trying to be helpful by pointing users who need lower rates for smaller projects with an alternative.

It’s off-topic. Also, we do not need reviews for external third-party hosting solutions on this forum, as they are not Webflow-related. I’m not siding with anyone, just being neutral and practical here. You are not the first to post about this.

The proper place to post your reviews would be on your own blog.

Hey Samliew. Is this a conflict between products? I’m rather set back as I pay for two webflow accounts and use the tool for what it is, a design tool. Is discussing solutions for hosting exported sites not allowed?

I also don’t have a blog, I’m a designer who finds webflow to be a fantastic product.

You only need one Webflow account. You don’t have to pay for hosting if the hosting features do not suit your project requirements, and/or you prefer to host elsewhere.

Nothing to do with conflict of interest. Threads reviewing third-party products tend to attract spam, and is very troublesome to manage. Also, it is off-topic as defined in the guidelines of the General category. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, it is off-topic due to the fact that it isn’t about Webflow. You can however discuss tools that can be integrated into Webflow (like eCommerce functionality).

If you want a more informal discussion about almost everything under the sun, you can do so in the Community Slack chat.

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