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Exported code does not work


i created my first website with Webflow and when i exported it, it uses the CSS in order to align correctly my elements, but this does not load any images or fonts used…anything other than that works perfectly well.
Has it happened again to someone else? What should i do? :confused:

ps:i host it on my own

Thank you in advance

Hi @koslibpro when you exported you didn’t get an “images” folder with the website’s images in there?

So we can help you better, can you post a link to your site so we can see what’s really happening? Also, can you post your troubleshooting link?

i’ve not published yet the site, so i don’t have the links that you asked me about.
To answer your question, yes the “images” folder was downloaded, as expected.

But i think the issue is resolved: a support guy told me via email that some Chrome extensions might make webflow’s export tool not to work very well and to try via incognito mode. Then, everything was working perfectly well, so I guess it was just some conflicting extension.

Thank you for your help :smiley:

Great! Glad it was resolved.