Export won't complete


I made a website two year ago and today I need to change two words in it.
But when I try to export the code it get stuck at “preparing images…”

I can’t figure how to solve this issue.

The read only link is :

The published website : http://massquote.webflow.io/

Does anyone can help ?

Thank you


Try to do it with another browser and if it still doesn’t complete, contact support@webflow.com.

It worked on Safari instead of Chrome.
Thank you for your fast answer.

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You’re very welcome.

You may have a cache issue.

It would probably work with a Private session on Chrome.

For now, just flush all caches, history, everything.

For development, when you’re facing such issues, you can use tons of different browsers. Chrome and Safari comes in various flavors: normal release, development release, nightly build release, preview release… there’s even a Webkit browser.

It is very useful to have many of them.


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