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Export URLs? (not site, just a list of URLs)

I’ve built a site for a client on a new URL, copying most pages from the previous (still active) URL on wordpress. I need to create a spreadsheet for the Google Ads guy, essentially just: Column 1 - current URL, Column 2 - New URL, maybe Column 3 - page name/topic. I can do that manually, but there are over 300 unique URLs, some pages, some collection items. Collection item URLs won’t copy/paste the full URL smoothly, at least in Chrome.

Is there a simple way to export all my URLs as a CSV or spreadsheet?

It’s fine if I have to do a bunch of sorting and formatting after export, I just don’t want to manually check every URL and type it out. I could grab it from the sitemap but there’s a bunch of superfluous stuff in there I’d have to manually delete line-by-line.

@alex8742 The best way to transfer over dynamic content from WordPress would be to use a plugin and get the WordPress data exported to a CSV and import it into the Webflow CMS. Migrate from WordPress to Webflow CMS | Webflow University

As far as regular pages go you will probably have to still copy and paste content while redesigning the website. I wish there was a (easier) way to pull the pages off a WordPress site, but at least the dynamic content shouldn’t be a problem.

@ chris_loggins I’m not trying to transfer from Wordpress. Everything is already copied and redesigned, that job is done. I just want to get a list of all the URLs contained on my new Webflow version so I can help the Google Ads guy change the ad destination URLs. E.g. [oldURL]/civil-lawsuits-overview > [WebflowURL]/civil-suits/overview. And there are ~300 of those new URLs, which is why an export would be helpful.

Thanks for the tip on WordPress export though, that will be helpful for me in the future.

Sorry I misunderstood you, but another tip on migration would be Nobull Airtable for Webflow App.

As far as pulling all the links this maybe a help if the WordPress site is still up. List all URLs – WordPress plugin | or Export All URLs – WordPress plugin |


Thanks, that airtable solution looks like I might be able to pull all the URLs. Even if it’s collection-by-collection, that could help a lot.

I already got the Wordpress admin to export the URLs for me with that plugin, so that half is done, it’s just adding new URLs to the spreadsheet.

@alex8742 here is some video content that would help also Automate Finsweet & Nobull Airtable App (Airtable & Webflow sync) with Joe Krug | AATT #27 - YouTube

I wish I had an exact solution for your issue, but I hope all of this helps.

Is there a simple way to export all my URLs as a CSV or spreadsheet?

@alex8742 you can use the CMS export to get all your collection items as a CSV file. Each row will have the slug. Then, you can create an Excel formula to recreate the full URL based on the slug. Example: Product collection is most likely something like “”.

@JudoHacker Thank you! After a bit of trial and error in Numbers (I’m on a Mac so no Excel) I had a pretty quick workflow going, and had the whole spreadsheet of new URLs done in 30-45 minutes. I think you’ve got the fastest solution for this problem, at least until Webflow adds a list of URLs somewhere.

Great! Glad you got it working!