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I want to buy a premium template from Webflow templates and then export the code to install in a new server. The template in particularly have a cms integration so my question is, if I don’t use the cms pages (blog, case studies, etc…) I can export all the content with no problems right?

Thank you in advance.
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All static pages and each CMS Collection’s template will export. CMS items will not. But you could wire those templates into a new CMS if you wanted then populate that with a CSV export / import of the collection(s).

Another issue you may run into is maintaining animations once exported. You really need to use the designer to maintain them. I don’t use animations from Webflow on exported sites; I choose to use Greensock GSAP for that instead.

Don’t forget forms. You will need to add your own form handler to manage submissions on externally hosted WF sites.

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Thank you for your quick reply and help.

What do you mean about animations issues? I read that the exported code has all the javascript for the page to work. https://university.webflow.com/article/exporting-a-site-from-webflow


If you want to change them you have to circle back to the designer then export again. If all you do is maintain the design in WF and export you would be fine.

Yes I just want to maintain the animations and the main design of the site.
I’m trying to sell/advise my client the all the WF host solution because it will be a must for them and also for me. Let see…
Again, thanks for your time. :+1: