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Export templates for Joomla

Hello I use Webflow, and I would like to know if there is a simple way to export templates for Wordpress or Joomla in a simple way like the new tool Nicepage website builder ?

I would like to know if it is also possible to make pop-ups and marketing as Elementor does for Wordpress?

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

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Hello @instinctcreatif

Don’t know about joomla, but for WP you can use Udesly

Hope this helps

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thanks a lot. But I need Joomla for the moment.
I will test Udesly and Nicepage website builder :wink:

About Udesly do you have exemple of websites that have been made with this plug-in?
I would like to see the result :wink:

For Nicepage I can see their sample template…

Thanks a lot !

Do you also have an idea for creating pop-ups and marketing as Elementor does for Wordpress?

Thanks I know that ask a lot of questions :frowning: Sorry for that !

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With Webflow is easy to create popups, but you need some good interactions knowledge. You can create very custom popups. Start with interactions here >

You can check > there are some small differences in the UI, but you need to get the idea.

I’m not sure what you mean by marketing. Can you explain more?

I think that the Udesly site is made in Webflow, but actually they are using WP. @udesly ?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thanks a lot Piter :wink:

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Yea, I know what’s marketing, but I can’t understand what you mean :smile:

In fact the idea is to carry out marketing actions using different tools such as pop-ups :slight_smile:

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For example their marketing widgets or I will say a regular web design elements :sweat_smile: Can be made with Webflow with no hassle. Some of those need a little custom coding, but they are fairly simple.

Thanks for these informations Piter :slight_smile:

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No problem! Feel free to reach out if you need more help :webflow_heart:

Isn’t Joomla extinct? Also, if you’re going to use nice Webflow clean code for the front end, why choose the old ugly dinosaur of WordPress as the backend?

I think Webflow is designed to either use for prototyping and quick coding for huge companies who have proper development teams or the small guy on Webflows hosting. If you are riding the barbed wire fence in the middle, then good luck with that one.

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Man, I’m using only Webflow. No joomla no WordPress, but some people need some alternatives. If you want my 2 cents, Webflow is the best and I stay away from other platforms like the popular (bad) WP, joomla ect. You are right! Webflow produces very clean code. The CMS is super powerful and easy for clients. I’m 100% Webflow!


Yes I like Webflow too but when new tools arrive as Nicepage I also want to test them …
About this I read an interesting article about web design 3.0

i am an old user of joomla and i think since joomla is bundle with many library and custom directory name , UI component like bootstrap , Webflow technology should follow the way SQL/php js css image interact in joomla ! So i never think web flow could be compatible with joomla or other CMS that use their own concept to implement front end and back End .
I hope someone can claim that i totaly wrong !!
CMS implement all same concept ( for e commerce , blog , forum ) in many differents way and also support plug in . I ll be really efficient to use webflow without code ( css js image php ) any lines by simply add a plug in that let us click ( for setting properties/options). In joomla CMS, developper give some option to custom Front End using Back End ui and php can be easely modify without start from scrash !!
I ll update my knowledge about new technology in 2019 !!
Template l never disseppear . You have this concept in word , powerpoint or since the beginning with frontpage and dreamweaver
Search frontpage template in googlesearch engine ( template don’t mean interactive) , it only change the look of the whole/Main ui not the interaction. For custom ui of widget you have to understand how joomla plug in is implemented to change css and image !!


In fact I came across this Instagram account with lots of examples to visually create templates for Wordpress or Joomla.

Really happy to see some tool to convert webflow template to some web server

Hi many questions !

  1. is there in 2020 template create using webflow that have been converted to http server like shopify , woocommerce, joomla, wordpress, drupal .

  2. I already study some template spécific to joomla and see css artist can custom and have a new template using raw css without use style option available from the CMS back end . So if no export is available perhaps we can now import joomla template in Webflow !!

  3. This is a old question i already post many years but wanted to know how webflow can work with web server that have is own way to create dynamic page !! web server could be zope plone and not only microsoft server IIS with aso or apache with php even microsoft support more and more open source technology !!

  4. I Also see there is some extensions ( call them component or module or plugin) that are available for some CMS that let us customize Template using the backend. In this case most of the template where base on a vendor framework even boostrap was the commonly use UI framework ( include also javascript library base on jquery ). So Does webflow create an extension to use their web ui inside specific Webserver ?

  5. Last question does Webflow let us define many path file that goes to css js image vidéo ? to mimic our webserver ?

in a way html page are dynamic so for each page generate by the http server we must have a way to import it ( the html code ) in web flow to design each page ! but interaction is manage by extension install in the web server not in webflow !!
So in dynamic web page generate by server , does webflow can be use and install in one click ?