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(EXPERTS) My site is NOT displaying well on Android, can anyone help me?

Please guys, can anyone take a look at this website i build?
I don’t have android, but i got mailed that its not working on it.
Can anyone tell me what to do?

Many many thanks!

Public Dashboard link is here

I just tried it right now on my Moto X and in portrait mode, i can not see the menu button on the nav bar. and in Landscape mode, when I click the frames link it takes me to the wrong section or at least I think it is but the slider with the frames is below the section it takes me to initially. apart from that, you might want to reconsider your proportions.

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Just as an extra note, i tried the same thing on my iphone 5 and i had the same issues.

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  1. Keep your images under 200KB since they are not displayed properly on iOS devices as well as Android devices.

I’ll take a look at this website when I have some free time and send you a message. If you need you can contact me using details from my profile.

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i know you are asking for “android” but I haven’t looked at that yet.

On Win 8.1 Chrome - your Schilderijlijsten options does not display any images inside the “picture frame”.

at least not for me.

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Thanks for the first feedback!
On the homepage i chanced all the images to maximum 200 pixels.
i did not put it online jet…
it is online on webflow:
Can anyone see it that helps? i will ask a friend of my to! (with a samung android tablet)

Ok, checked it, None of my images is above the 200 KB!

Hey all… i fixed allmost all my problems.
the biggest problem for android it that you CAN NOT make a Transparant color layer…
Is there anyone who nows about that? @thesergie ?!? :wink:

the only problem i have now with is that the photos:
Are not working on the amazon tablet… (yes the latest version)