Expert with interactions help needed 🙏 (lottie) ONLY EXPERTS


Hi, I’m having problems with some Webflow interactions ( the first words rotation interaction) I have tweaked and modify it and many ways in order to work properly but it doesn’t work.

If you want to read what is the problem that I have you can read it below if not, I just need you to help me RECREATE that interaction but using lottie and webflow interactions.

The problem begins when you you START editing the words for other text/words… then the interaction stops working properly, and by that I mean: words instead of “rotate” they just appears suddenly, at some point the interaction stops working completely for some words.

So, I think the best solution would be to RE-CREATE the interaction using lottie and the webflow interactions.

Important, I still want to edit the text for the rotational words from Webflow.

Thank you for your help!


This is the read link:


I can help you.
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I would be happy to assist you.
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Hi @portentus

How are you editing the text ?
The interactions are set on the w_rotational_word class, which for the next words has a 3D transform set on it. To edit those words, you’ll need to hide the Rotate transformation in the “2D & 3D transforms” Effect (bottom left in the Design panel) so you’ll see the words properly, and then Edit the text in the H1 element.

Hi Pasint! Yes, I have a video (Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software) where I explain to my users how to edit the words, the problems occurs after the user finishes editing the words, I think is one of those weird things that sometimes happens on webflow… if you know how to fix this or can recreate this in a better way please let me know :pray::moneybag:

@portentus Hi Pablo, I can help you with this.Do you have budget in mind?

Hi! What would be your solution?

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Works fine for me… :man_shrugging:
But I suggest you change First Wordto Display as a Flexbox with Flex Child sizing to be “Grow if possible”.
This way at least the first word will not break while you edit it, and you can even make the Hero Column with larger if the text you add is too big.

And also, rather than changing the transform on every edit, just hide it clicking on the eye, it’ll help avoid mistakes.

Ok I’ll try that but the issue ocurrs on live site, I let you know.

@portentus Yes, my hourly rate is $200p/h is that within your budget?