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Experience with webshop integration and Google Shopping?

I’m new to webshop integration in Webflow. Anybody with any experience with Google Shopping and good SEO? If you use Foxy or Shopify in Webflow, where do you do optimalization for good results in Google Shopping? In Webflow or in the shopping solutions?


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Hey @Christoffer.
Thanks for considering using Foxy. Since we allow you to build and manage your products and product pages right in Webflow, you get to piggy back on all of the SEO features they offer.

In relation to Google Shopping, it’s just a matter of getting your CMS Collection data converted to an acceptable feed for Google. You’ll need more than Webflow’s RSS Feed functionality, but I think you should be able to get what Google is looking for by integrating and converting data with Zapier.

You can learn more about Google Shopping here: If you need anything at all ecommerce related, please don’t hesitate to reach out.