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Expand text after click with Show/Hide issue

Hey everybody!

Im building currently my Portfolio and for the “Service-Section” I would like to show 5 skills and if a user clicks on one of them if expands a description of that skill. In theory I thought that should by kind of easy with a Maus click animation but I found those 2 problems:

  1. When the text expands the whole block under it is jumping because I can’t animate the display option from hidden to block or the other way around. That makes that whole area look wrong and not as fun to use as it should be.

  2. I animated everything with the class but then of course everything was expanding if I was clicking 1 item. Normally I would animate all 5 items manually but as Im learning webflow Im thinking if there is a smarter way to not do the same animation several times?

This is a link to my project:

Btw the rest of my website is work in progress so I know there are still a few things that are not working like they should.

It would be amazing if somebody could take a look and tell me what Im doing wrong or also what other option there is for me to archive that effect.

Greetings from Germany