Excluding Certain posts from RSS Feed

Is there a way to disable certain posts from being included in the RSS feed when setting it up? I only want certain blog posts to be sent out and can’t figure out how to do so. Thank you!

I’ve done some searching on this, and came across a number of 3rd party tools that could make this possible.

Some tools will take your RSS feed and create a new one that is changed / filtered to your specification.

Others will build an RSS feed from scratch, like Zapiers RSS generator.
I actually don’t like Zapier’s much, because I was unable to clear the cache ( should be a way, but couldn’t find it ).

Today, I might try using automation to push the desired RSS items into AirTable, and then generate the RSS feed from AirTable. Makes the content of the feed much more accessible.

Haven’t tried this though, let me know if you do.

Thank you! I’m not sure I know how to use an automation to move things in Webflow to AT. Any idea how to do so?

Yes you can do this most easily using Make / Integromat.
Zapier works for this also, if you already have it - otherwise I’d avoid it as it requires a Pro subscription just to integrate with Webflow.

I do have a Zapier Subscription but I had trouble figuring out how to get it to work