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[Example Provided] Watched all Tutorials...Still struggling with understanding how to set up a webpage


Last week, I completed the 2 tutorials that have downloadable assets (‘Astro Law Firm’ website & ‘Creating Custom Portfolio’ website) and then I watched all videos in the Webflow 101 course.

Today I tried building a product page by looking at a design I found on Behance but I am really struggling to understand, just by looking at the example, how to structure the webpage on Webflow.

For example, I started with something simple, create the 2 elements that consist background: the left part with light grey background color and the right part that has a white background.

I started by: Creating a section > Adding a ‘Columns’ layout > Add a heading for the ‘Jon Buscemi’ text.
I was not able to get the ‘Jon Buscemi’ Heading to be centered on the screen, sitting over those 2 parts. I put the Headline and the 2-Columns into one Div block, but I still didn’t know how to make the head line sit on top of the columns.

My main issue though, what I hate most, is that I just can’t understand just by looking at the visual concept how would the webpage and elements be structured so I was wondering if I could ask for a big favor:

Below I have the visual example and underneath it is the visual example with its parts separated (at least, how I make sense of its parts.) Could anyone tell me what elements would you use to make each part of the webpage and how would you layout those elements?

(If it’s too much work, I’ll understand. Any tip would be helpful)

Here’s the Visual example:

Here’s the Visual example with separated sections:

Thank you so much for any help,