Exact same Zen Planner script works in one site, but not another (duplicated) site


I have a “Workout of the Day” iframe/script embedded into a website that works great. See it here: WOD | FitELITE | Eau Claire, WI

I duplicated the site and have been reskinning it, but noticed that the embedded iframe/script code, though unchanged, no longer works in the new website. See it here: http://fiteliteignite.webflow.io/wod

Any ideas?
Here’s the share link to the new site:

I think it’s something to do with the domain name and the code… One site is fitelightonline, the other is fiteliteignite, but the domain in the code is the same, which could be causing the issue.

Update the domain in the code and see how that goes. May need to update something with Zen Planner too.