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Evolution Plants

I helped my wife and her business partner build this site.

Thanks to @bart for helping me with the custom jQuery code for the custom dynamic lightbox


It needs some parallax to go with those full screen fixed backgrounds :slight_smile: too bad it’s not built in WF.

The left sidebar is cool and different. but the animation “double pump” is kinda weird. Feel like it’s having a seizure.

Nice work.

Do you plant weed too? I was looking for weed offerings too but no luck. wrong state?

it’s legal here in California. The weed industry is growing :wink: and lots of new startups are looking for websites.

Get on it!

whoops. i left that in during a demo. thanks for the heads up.

FIXED :slight_smile:

I’m in the wrong state. Maybe soon though!

much better. maybe a little icon animation build (ie. a growing leaf) vs a color slide swap thingamabob.