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Everything looks small on high resolution

Hello Everyone

I have an issue with my website. I am currently designing it on mac 13" screen. I am creating a login screen and main menu for now, and I am getting issues with the alignment of the login menu when i view it on my laptop its set perfectly in the middle with same sizes all around, but when viewing it on a screen that is 17" or larger it scrolls up and becomes very small. its really annoying please let me know if there is a solution for that.
i tried everything but no luck played around with padding and alignments and position and different section, containers, div, and much more even copied other template sizes and i am getting the same exact issue

please click on login to view the main menu page thank you

here is a link for the website:
here is a preview link:


Hi @citydiscount, thanks for the post :slight_smile: Could you also please upload a screenshot of the incorrect looking thing on the 17" or higher monitor?

I have a large monitor, but I cannot see the strange scrolling up and becoming very small… Cheers, Dave

This is the normal look

This is on a larg screen


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