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Every read-only link brings up a 404 page in these forums?

Hi Community,

I’m having some design issues on my website for how to place a video inside a phone as seen here on… I’d like to do the same with our own .mp4 video, but as I’m looking around the forums for answers… literally EVERY read-only link someone links to their webflow pages is bringing up a 404 page. I’m using google chrome. Does this happen to anyone else?

Read-only links can be toggled on/off within the Designer, so it’s not guaranteed that older posts still have these links active. It’s normal for a community member to temporarily enable this link for troubleshooting and then disable it after the issue has been addressed.

You can always reach out to the project owner to ask them to temporarily re-enable this link to clarify how something was accomplished, or you can reply to the thread with a follow up question to start the conversation again.

Ahhhh thank you for the tip. Appreciate it, Mikeyevin!

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