Eventbrite Register Button


I am using WebFlow to make a website. I’ve set up the domain and paid for hosting. The site is live. https://www.firsthomeottawa.ca/

I have created an event on eventbrite. Eventbrite provides a script to produce a button that brings up a pop-up window where you can register for the event.

I would like to have several of these buttons on various locations on the home page but when I place more than one of the buttons, the buttons work to bring up the pop-up window, but when the pop up window is closed you lose the ability to scroll up and down the page.

This doesn’t happen when there is only one of these buttons on a page. When there is only one button you can close the pop-up window and still scroll on the page.

The script is below. The link to the website is above.

I would appreciate any help.

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