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Evaluating Webflow


Thanks so much for your help in advance. My team is in the process of evaluating different rapid design tools, and we are getting stuck on some questions. I though that perhaps people in this forum can share their experiences and feedback to help our decision.

Here are the major questions / issues we are dealing with:

  1. webflow does not use pure Bootstrap. In fact, this article intentionally excluded webflow from a review due to this reason:
    Have people been limited by this ? Is it easy to convert an exported site to standard bootstrap ?

  2. We really like Angluar and we are wondering how would webflow work with other js frameworks, such as Angular.js. This thread seems to indicate that there are some conflicts: Use of web app frameworks like Angular?
    If we were to use webflow, can we use angular, or is a different framework better ?

  3. We want to create custom widgets with webflow that are re-used by our clients. The concern is if our clients will have problems using those widgets, if they are using bootstrap, or some other framework. Has anybody created re-usable widgets with webflow ?

  4. Since webflow does not provide ability to edit the code, there is concern about the flexibility to adjust pages. Have people really experienced this ? If so, is it a major problem. For example, are there limitations with creating tables, etc.

Thanks again !!