Ethereum blockchain integration compatibility

Hey all!

I’ve been using Webflow for some time and love designing with it.

I am now getting ready to launch my own NFT collection of ERC-721 tokens hosted on the Ethereum network.

Would be interested in knowing if I am able to integrate NFT minting and MetaMask wallet with a website designed on Webflow?



If you can do it with client side JavaScript (public can view source) then the answer would be yes. If you require server side code then you would do that off of Webflow

Thanks for your answer!

When you say off-of webflow, do you mean I would have to host the code in an external server or that I won’t be able to design the website through webflow as a whole?

Server side code would require an external server. You can run client side on Webflow. Some Webflow projects connect to other apps. Plenty of examples in the integrations section of the University.

Came here hoping someone had already solved this dang it. I am looking to build a website in webflow but integrate the solana candy machine miniting dap into the webflow site. There is a repo for it but its for angular dev.

I’m also interested in this :slight_smile:

Also highly interested in this. Looking to do something like this:

I do have a server which is running (I’m a noob at this, mostly designer). I can interact with the server via Plesk. Is it smart to export the code from Webflow, host it on that server and then upload the code to it as well?

Can you share a link to this project of yours? I’m very interested in what it looks like. Of course, I am not sure that I will use Ethereum tokens because I often work with Bitcoin. But this topic interests me no less than other cryptocurrencies. So share a link to your work here under my comment. Last week, I started cooperating with specialists and the site, allowing me to switch to another blockchain. I believe that Elrond is the future of cryptocurrency. So now I’m working in a slightly different direction. But it doesn’t bother me. What have you heard about the Elrond blockchain?