Errors I'm seeing in a lot of templates

Hi all,
I was having another look at some of the Templates, and I’m a bit puzzled. I’m assuming that the Webflow staff give these a bit of a cusory going over to approve them, and so they presumably are free of significant issues, BUT this is what I see when I view some of these on my iPad.
I select a template and click on ‘Live View’ and get taken to that. The templates default to the Desktop size, but there is a Frame section at the top where you can select the Tablet view (or mobile phone view).
So if I select the Tablet view, I’m still being presented with Hero or background images that aren’t being scaled for the device (or another image size selected).

If you have an iPad, it will only take a few minutes to look at these ones to see what I’m talking about:
‘Marine’, ‘A Unique Party’, ‘Angler’, ‘Western’.

What am I missing here?

Regards to all.