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Error message for forms in Microsoft Edge

I’m having issues with my forms on Microsoft Edge - on all pages with forms I get a pop-up saying “Oops! This page has improperly configured forms. Please contact your website administrator to fix this issue.”

Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be? I can replicate it on Browserstack on the latest version, but I thought they were already switched to Chromium or is that not until later?

Actual site:
Read-only link:

Bug report topics require a read-only link to your project and a case where the issue is on the published site, a link to that as well.

Are you using the Webflow form element or something else?

Re: The last question; Chromium version available via the beta channel.

Sorry, fixed that for ya :slight_smile:

I’m using the Webflow form element.

The issue appears with your form. If I access a form with Edge on another published project no error appears. I personally don’t have the time to debug this one this morning.

I would try to create another form on a test page to rule out a project issue from a form issue.

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I tried to drop in a form block without editing anything in it on a test page and I get the same error message.

Sounds like it might be a project issue, then?

Found the issue - it was our cookie pop-up that caused the error. I removed the code from the Custom Code head tag field in the project manager and the message disappeared :slight_smile:

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