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Error message: Container can only be pasted in a Navbar

Hi all,

I have recently been unable to copy anything on my landing page. Not even text blocks.

I get the following error message: “Container can only be pasted in a Navbar”.

But I don’t even want to copy containers. The sections and divs are all correctly declared in the settings.

Does anyone know the problem?


First make sure you are using a supported browser / platform. Then try logging out, clearing your browser cache, load a new incognito mode window, then login and test again. If issues persist on your project you could open a ticket with support.

Thank you for your response. I think the browser isn’t the problem, because the error message doesn’t appear on other subsites. Nevertheless, I have tried the suggested steps. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. I will contact the support directly.


I have found the solution. It was the navigation that was used as symbol. I have now dissolved it so I can copy any element as usual.

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