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Hey there,

I do have a problem with my site.

I know that there are some painful double spellings when it comes to my subfolders and the cms database collections. But I cant change that anymore. (Didnt know that there are problems, when I create normal subfolders, that - yeah - have obviously the same name as the dynamic data collections.

But now, everytime I want to “move” a site within the structure (e.g from bottom to top) or when I try to delete an empty folder or some site I always do geht this error message:

Same thing when I do try e.g. to change the slug name or name of my empty folder called “Detailpages”.
I thought well maybe its because of the double naming of folders and collections (that will create the same “slug” but I cant change the name of folders anymore to get rid of that.


p.s. cant post a public link because I have a serious connection error problem right now :/. will do that when its available again.

Hi @Daniel_Schultheiss, thanks a lot for reporting this, I am sorry about the trouble :-/

When you do have the link, that will be helpful. You can send an email to with the link or post that here.

I will be standing by.


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Thanks @cyberdave,

already sent you a pm with the public link.


p.s. and besides: this thingy here is constantly “red”

On my other sites everything is fine :frowning:

Thanks @Daniel_Schultheiss, I am sorry about the trouble, I am continuing to check this.

Could you send me your browser information link:

Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response.


Hey @cyberdave,

sure. Sent it via PM. Hopefully it was translated well :P.


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