Error in my code export?

I’m making my portfolio and on my project page I have an error in my Exported Code that affects it’s ability to load correctly. I’m not exactly sure what the error is, but I can pretty easily fix it by running the HTML from that page through a Code Beautifier to fix the formatting. There’s just something wrong with how Webflow creates the file, and I’m not sure what.

I’d like to figure out why this is happening because it’s a little tedious to fix it each time I make changes and need to re-download the code.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Formatting is not an error; rather a style. You state that there is something wrong with the file/code. Since you have not provided a before and after example it is hard to render any help. Screenshots or code examples would be very helpful.

Sure! No problem. The exported code (without any changes) loads in like these screenshots here:

I’m not sure why it comes out like this. For some reason the code doesn’t format automatically for this page in particular. My ‘index.html’ is on the left and the problem page is on the right.

Just running it through a “code beautifer” fixes it and it looks like this on my live site, but the code exported as is from Webflow isn’t good to go as is. I’m not sure why.

The code is simply minified. Uncheck that option if you prefer it differently.

Not a bug. Topic changed.

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