Error in mobile

The background image appears on rest of the devices except on mobile. I cross-checked it also. What can I do to make it happen to show on mobile device?

Can you share a read-only link?

Pls help. The background image does not appears on phone but appears on ither devices

are you referring to the paper texture? It’s showing for me. I’m tested on Chrome and Safari.

Yes the paper texture! But it’s not showing on phone when I’m previewing it from phone.

It should be working without issues. It may be because it’s a large file. I would try and optimize your image and see if it’s just a loading problem. Google has a free image optimizer See if that helps.

The file is only 2.67 MB. Should I reduce it more?

That’s large for an image. I would aim for 500kb or less.

Oh! Okayy, I’ll try that. If it doesn’t works I’ll reply here again! Thank you so much!

Sure, just let me know.

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Hi, It is not working. I am screenshotting it so that you can have a look.

Which browser are you using on your phone?

I am using chrome, but the bg appears on a few devices. My phone is MI

I’m not sure why you can’t see it. It works fine for me, but I have an iPhone and use Safari.

Another thing you can try is to add a div called .page-wrapper and add the background to that instead of the body. So, it will essentially act as the body. The reason for doing this is that sometimes browsers don’t like when certain characteristics are changed on the body.

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