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Error: "Element cannot be placed in a heading 4"

Hi, i’m creating a new CMS page for my website, but i get this error which im thinking is a bug.

In my new CMS page im trying to add my navbar symbol but when i try to place it, i get a “Element cannot be placed in a heading 4” error. Doesn’t matter where i try place it, i always get that “Header 4” error.

Now, this is obviously annoying because i need my navbar in my new pages, and, the reason why i think this is a bug is because i cannot duplicate anything in my website, doesn’t matter what it is, i always get the same error - “Element cannot be placed in a heading 4”.

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Looks to me like this is a bug so I would contact Webflow Support and have them take a look.

No problems here!

@Kimmy is talking about the Navigation symbol, not the default navbar element

My Bad.
Maybe the shopping card in the menu has something to do with this?

This is correct, i want to add my navbar symbol to my new page, and i always get that error.

I have sent a support ticket through the designer, but i havent got an answer yet, should i tag someone important here or…? Because i really need this to be looked at, it’s ridiculous that i can’t add my navbar symbol to new pages…

I also cannot duplicate anything, not even a simple, empty div block, or a text element, nothing…


The Webflow Support page currently displays a notice that they have a larger volume of support tickets (which is understandable given the current situation) but I’ve gone ahead and tagged a few of the active folks on the team that might be able to help in the meantime.

@WebflowCommunityTeam @WebDev_Brandon @PixelGeek

Thank you @mikeyevin for reaching out to us. Yes, we are currently experiencing delays in response times to support messages, but we are working diligently to respond to everyone no matter what.

As for the topic at hand, @Kimmy, the “Cart” element button cannot be placed in symbols that will be used outside of the storefront access. What I mean by this, is that the cart cannot access the CMS page templates. It is best to keep this in mind that the “Cart” element should NEVER be placed within a symbol.

It cannot be placed on a template page while nested inside a symbol. That is the error (We should do better at explaining the error here and it is something I know the team is working on). What you can do is place your navigation on any other page, that you wish to place on the CMS template page, unlink it from the symbol, remove the cart from the symbol, and then drag (or copy the navbar element to be pasted) it to the template page and place it to the location within the navigator you wish to use it (or you can create a nav symbol just for that use).

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon


@WebDev_Brandon I guess i found a way around it. Ive duplicated my navbar, and then customized everything to be the same as it is in static pages.


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