Error editing/saving Resources

While editing Resources this morning I found that I cannot save any edits i have made. In the Designer I get a Validation Failure message. When I log in as an editor/collaborator I just get an error message next to the Publish button.

On other data point…I am able to create and delete Resources

Here’s a link to my site. I am planning to start training my team on content entry today, so this is an urgent issue for me.


Ok…here is a more detailed use case

As I was creating this use case,. I found that

  • the error seems to be happening only on the Collection named “Resources”
  • creating a new Resource works, and it can be edited
  • only older Resources are experiencing the error
  • It feels like there is an empty Required field, but this is not the case in the scenario below

Use case that results in the Error message

  • Enter the designer
  • Go to Collections > Resources
  • Open the Resource named: Est Ex Aut
  • Turn the “Featured?” switch off
  • Click Save Resource
  • Receive “Validation Error” message and cannot save edit

System Info

  • HP Envy laptop (two weeks old, all updates applied)
  • Windows 10
  • Google Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) (all updates applied)

Hi Murray, thanks for posting.

In the settings of the Collection resources it looks like you have the Author field pointing to teams.

Did you originally have it pointing to authors?

If you had an author selected when you switched the field to point from authors to teams it may have broken the collection items that had an author selected. The field required you to select a new option from the teams options in order to be validated.

An issue has been filed for this and our team is investigating further.

For now, you can set the Author field to be required, so it does not fail to save in the future.

Let me know if this solves your issue! :slight_smile:

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the addition info. Most of the Resources did not have the Author field set. I did create a new Team collection to replace Authors, so I can use it to drive both Team and Author needs on the site. The Resources I have looked at did not have the Author field set. If only one of the Resources had the Author field pointed at the Author collection, and then I changed the field to reference the Team collection, does it make sense that Resources that never had the Author field set are throwing this error?


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