Error / Bug: Hosting

I am trying to host a client’s website. I purchased the hosting plan and change the A records. That does not seem to work ( …and I have done it through webflow maybe 20 times in the last few months. ). I add the A records to the proper fields…

So I went in to see if I could start over and cancel the hosting plan ( and establish it - trying everything I can ) and I got the following error: ReferenceError: siteId is not defined when I click "Cancel Subscription under the clients sites “Billing” tab.

I am lost, as there is no longer any help/support options on the website ( no e-mails, chat, phone, nothing…)

Please advise of any fixes to this issue.

You should email They’ll help you.

@brryant and crew should be aware of this one. Previously when you clicked on cancel it didn’t just cancel your hosting plan but your entire account! They said it was a glitch. Might be why it isn’t back-up and working.

Hi there -sorry about this! Just pushed a fix for this. Can you try again?

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