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Error at footer showing in public site


Our public website is There is an error which shows at the bottom of the page:

signup-form-wrapper.w-form { z-index: 999 !important; position: relative; } { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “Organization”, “url”: “”, “logo”: “” }

I have tried deleting the “sign up wrapper” element but this hasn’t worked. Any ideas what this could be related to please?

Many thanks,

@mgs you have that custom code at the bottom of your page and it isn’t wrapped in a script or style tag. This means the page is displaying exactly what is typed.

If you delete out that custom code, or wrap it in a style tag you should be ok.

Thanks justin_c, but I’ve searched everywhere for this code to delete it
but cannot find it! Whereabouts did you find it?


Hi @mgs

This code is in the settings of your Home page in the “Before </body> tag” field

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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