My site was working fine until today afternoon I used google search console verification. After an hour I deleted the TXT record of google console and then my website stopped working.

I want to use the “www” website to redirect to the root and point to my webflow site. Been breaking my head since last 4 hours but no avail.

I also checked if the DNS propagated correctly etc etc. Not sure what the issues is… Any help will be of great value. Unable to troubleshoot this!

Using cloudflare to manage - Here the screenshot

First, your site appears to be working fine for me, no redirects- which means whatever redirects problem you’re having is likely in your browser cache. Looks like you’re fine.

Second, Webflow also has a TXT record now that you may need, so check your site settings.

Third, here’s Webflow’s official doc on this error in case it’s of use someday.