Equal heights layout

Following along with "Equal-height layouts with Flexbox.
Section --> Container --> Div Blocks.
I can’t get the div blocks to pad or margin.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Please share your project read-only link. Also provide which elements you are having an issue with.

The above LINK does work. It’s the three color elements nested within the section on the bottom that will have images and a small heading contained within. These elements are assets that were dragged into the box(es).

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@RML You have a lot of unnecceary styles on the container div “flex-container container-2 w-container”. All you need for equal height columns in flexbox is for the parent to be set to display: flex.

Almost all of the properties and values you have set are not needed, to get the result you are going for I unset all of the following:

Which resulted in 3 equal height child divs (I put the lorem ipsum there for demonstration):

You can see that the center div is the same height as the left div with the extra paragraph:

As a sidenote, almost everything you are doing with images on the site can be accomplished with CSS, the boxes here can easily be created with background color, border radius and drop shadow or box shadows without using images. This will load much more quickly and be much more useable moving forward.

The same could be said for the text above these boxes and the register button at the top of the page as well as the background image on the entire site, that could be a gradient built with CSS.

I’m not trying to be critical, but pointing you down the path of building a better site and improving your skillset in the tool and with web development in general.

Hopefully this is helpful,


Thanks. This is all very, very helpful. i very much want to be conversant in Webflow. It’s smart. I will follow these suggestions to the letter. And, btw, being critiqued (after many years as a screenwriter) is all part of perfecting a craft. Thanks again.

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Great, it all just takes practice and research. It’s a great community to be a part of though and free help / training is out there. Sounds like you have the right outlook.

Good luck, if your questions have been answered, mark the solution to close the thread.