EnumOption validation (e.g. Tax Category) - how to find the list of allowed options?

Working with the e-commerce API methods, I have run into the EnumOption field type. For example, the Tax Category field on Products is an EnumOption.

CleanShot 2022-11-14 at 09.49.35

As shown in the screenshot above, the API says this field has a validation on it - the value must match one of the TaxCategories.

If one tries to send an API request that writes a bad value to this field, it says “Value not present in the TaxCategories list”.

CleanShot 2022-11-14 at 09.53.30

So, the question: is there a place I can look up the allowed values? Both specifically for Tax Category and in general for any EnumOption field type.


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Anyone have any ideas?

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only way I’ve found to get accurate data is to make a product with each selection and then read them back thru the api then you will get the proper data to send back in the response

This is what i have found for tax data

“tax-category”: “standard-taxable”
“tax-category”: “standard-exempt”,
“tax-category”: “books”
“tax-category”: “books-religious”
“tax-category”: “books-textbook”

This has to be inside the fields object of the product object

        "tax-category": "standard-taxable"