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Enlarge Designer page and Preview page shifting text/image


I am having two problems when working on my website through the Webflow designer.

  1. The first problem I’m having is how the site is spaced out. I am setting everything up to the way I like it, centering it, etc. However, whenever I look at it through the “Preview” Icon, I can see I have a lot of empty space to the right of everything I worked with. I want to add some features to the right of some pages but I don’t want empty space to end up there. Is there a way to work in Designer so I can work with the full space and not a portion of it?

  2. My other problem is just some shifting when I go from Designer to Preview. Like the text shifting left, the banner image size changing, and the logo disappearing.

Public listed below

Can you please post your public link?

Just added it to the post.

The reason for the issue is that Webflow is not a basic web designer where you put something somewhere and it stays. It is a responsive web designer so you have to think about how your site will load on multiple devices. You have set all of your elements using relative positioning which will make them stay put on larger windows. You also have set your nav to float left which will make it sit toward the right on larger devices.

I strongly suggest you watch the videos at
They will give you a solid foundation for the types of positioning you should be using and also editing your content for smaller devices as well. Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply and link!

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