Enhancement to CSV import for images in rich text fields

Good news! We’ve made an update to how CSV import works that should make your life easier.

Now, when you import content via a CSV, images in rich text fields will be downloaded to your site for you, which means you can delete your previous site without breaking your new one.

This is an improvement on our initial release, which required you to keep a copy of these images in their previous location in order for them to continue displaying on your new Webflow site — or download and reupload them individually.

Hopefully this makes it even easier to migrate existing sites to Webflow, or move content from one site to another!


Awesome! Thanks Webflow team for the hard work :webflow_heart:

@brjohnson - This should be an option not a forced behavior.

If I want to use an external source for an image anywhere, I should be allowed to, without webflow copying the file to it’s CDN and replacing the SRC URL. Webflow is effectively breaking the web with this forced behavior. I am linking to images the client owns or has rights to use, and manages already. Forcing a new endpoint on them, that has weak DAM, is an issue.

I had to recently take webflow off the table for two significant projects as a result. Now another one is probably gone as well. Embeds everywhere is not a manageable solution for the clients.

Please take this under serious consideration.


Thanks for that explanation and feedback @webdev - I’ll pass this along to the product team and see if there are any quick wins we can add to the backlog to address that use case.