Enhancement: "display: none" indicator in navigator

Setting elements to display: none can be a useful way to tweak designs on specific breakpoints, reveal elements with interactions, and much more. But it can make finding those elements extra tricky when you need to make a change to their styles.

To make that problem … less of a problem, we’ve added a little icon next to hidden elements in the navigator that calls out their “display: none” style.

Elements set to “display: none” have a little hidden eye icon next to them in the navigator.

This should make it easier and faster to locate those hidden elements, so you can get on with your designing and have more time for whatever it is you like to do with your free time. Enjoy!


Nice! I actually saw this in a project yesterday and thought. Well that’s nice to be able to see that! Good job Webflow.

Brilliant - just what I wanted

Webflow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

can add combo class identify icon and display combo name.
really need this function
to display different class ( although them use same name base class)