Enhanced Staging on new Webflow Plans

Hello! I’m currently using Webflow’s Starter account plan and considering upgrading to their Core plan. Can anyone confirm that the Core plan includes “enhanced staging”? I’m working on a personal project that doesn’t need to be hosted and I really don’t want to pay for a site plan if I don’t have to, but need access to more than the 2-page limit.

Under the last plans I’m pretty sure you got enhanced staging with unhosted projects if you were on a paid account plan (and did not have to pay for a site plan unless you wanted to host).

Can anyone confirm for me that the new Core account plan comes with more than a 2-page limit for unhosted projects? Thanks in advance!

Hey @ksammm :wave:

We technically don’t have the “Enhanced Staging” plan with Workspaces, however, at the moment the same settings still apply as with previous paid account plans.

So if you add a Core Workspace plan you will have the page limit lifted to 100.


@Drew_Schafer — I just upgraded my Workspace from Free to Core but my sites are still being limited to 2 pages! I just paid for a template to start work on my site but I’m being limited to 2 pages. Help!!