Endless Scrolling

Hey folks!

I’ve found a little but amazing effect in my opinion. http://www.thefourthphase.com/
This page has no ending and starts over and over again at the top without loading or any other delay.

Is there any possibility to rebuild this effect with webflow? It would be great to here from you.

Thanks in advance.

Hey it’s me again.

Why do I get no answer? Thought I would get even : “No, this is impossible.” or something I can work with.

Maybe someone can tell me something about this effect.

Greetings from Germany.

I don’t know (: Nobody knew for sure maybe. It’s more a Google question than a Webflow question :wink:

I thought it would require a DOM anipulation, but maybe only JS finaly. I googled it and there’s many solutions like the following:

people say the following code works so try it:

   $('document').ready(function() {
             if(document.documentElement.clientHeight + 
             $(document).scrollTop() >= document.body.offsetHeight )$(document).scrollTop(0);


Big thanks for giving me a response. :smiley: Ok, I tried to google it, but the only sites I’ve found talking about infinite scrolling and that wasn’t what I want to get. Maybe I looked for the wrong tags.

Ok…now: Noob-Question incoming --> Where do I have to add this Code? And do I have to add basic code like “body”, “head” or any other tags?

I’m no Coder and I don’t know more than the old html-basics. And in webflow I’m building my first page by my own…

Thanks in advance (again).

Hi @mjerxsen,

Here is how a some documentation about custom code in Webflow: http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-to-add-custom-head-and-body-code-to-a-webflow-site.

Hope this helps. :smile:


Thanks! I will have close look and try my best. :+1:

If I wrecked my nerves, I will come back. :wink:

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