Enabling iframe interaction with a custom cursor

Hi community,

Hoping someone out there can help with a fairly advanced/specific Webflow question.

I have a project with a custom cursor sitting over every page – fixed to full window with a cursor animation activate on it and some custom css to disable .cursor events. It’s working perfectly.

Now, I’m iframing in some custom three.js content for the homepage header which is being pulled from a separate subdomain. I can obviously pull it into Webflow easily enough, but the interaction doesn’t work unless I disable the custom cursor that otherwise sits directly on top of it.

Question being, can I keep my custom cursor, but also enable the interactivity of the iframe content below?

Greatly appreciated if anyone has solved this issue?

@James_Sparkes I’ve encountered this same issue on a site before and unfortunately there isn’t any way to get this to work with a custom cursor.