Enable Modal in CMS with Pre-Filled Airtable Form

Hi all,

I am trying to insert a link with unique parameters in a content selection (table format) that opens a modal with an embedded airtable form in it and am absolutely clueless on how to go about it (zero coding abilities).

The idea is, that the CMS is fetched from airtable and displayed as a table. But the user needs to be able to edit individual airtable records from within webflow.

I can provide a link to an airtable form pre-filled with the record ID and all via airtable itself. And I can display that in the CMS table. If it is clicked, the user would be led to the airtable form.

But: I don’t want the user to leave my site and be able to edit the airtable record via a modal instead. How can I make this possible?

An alternative solution would veto enable a user to edit the CMS item from the frontenac directly and I would use webhooks to update it in Airtable. Is it possible to allow a logged in user to update his CMS item?


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