Empty white space & images shrink on Home page on domain website, but not on webflow.io

Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone could help me.

I am having some issues with my website:

  1. There now seems to be a big chunk of empty space at the bottom on three of my pages. Which wasn’t there last time I worked on it (about 5/6 days ago).

  1. Another issue is that when I publish with my domain some of my images in my grid shrink on the Home Page. But, when I publish to .webflow.io it is fine and how I would like it to be.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.


Here is my read-only website.


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Hi - You can give the Grid 11 element a height of 100vh, this will fix the white space issue. This layout is pretty heavy with images and therefore may load slowly, so perhaps consider your design also.

Also, rather than having a static page for each of your designs, perhaps consider creating a Collection List - then you will only need to design one template page instead of 100 :wink:.

Hope this helps.