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Empty state automatically assigning random class

I was initially under the impression that collections were basically magic, but after working for the past 4 hours to try to figure out a way to just get something to not show when the list is empty, I’m not so sure.

Now this. When I delete the class name from the empty class, it auto-assigns the class “about us” which was never, ever, ever associated with it.

Just hover over the class name and click on the arrow, and then “Remove Class”
Too easy :wink:

Hey @Cricitem!

Thanks for your post :slight_smile: I’ve noticed that after removing a class by pressing Backspace, you’re pressing Enter to “save” the removal. Notice (and that’s visible on a gif) that you have a about us class selected (blue color and tick on the right side). On pressing enter, you’re confirming that class being added to the node.

What you can do is either:

  • use @BBUXdesign approach, by using remove class from a dropdown menu on class selector,
  • or press Backspace as you did before to remove class and then click away from a selector (just click somewhere in the UI with a mouse to close the class selector panel)

Let us know if that helps :slight_smile:

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