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Empty square placed in grid 2.0

Hello, everyone!

Link to page here:

I am trying to make my grid responsive, and having trouble doing so. This is a snippet of what the grid looks like at the standard breakpoint, and what I would love to have it look something like on all the other breakpoints.

When I was first making the grid at this breakpoint, for some reason Webflow stuck an extra empty content square in my grid when I created it? I was able to work around this by making the first linkbox a manual placement, and the empty box went away.

However, in order for my grid to be responsive, it’s best that all my tiles be “auto” so the grid sizes appropriately. However, whenever I go back to auto on the first element, the empty grid square pops up again. Here’s a picture. Notice how the empty box is not it’s own element-- it’s somehow attached to the first tile.

This is what it looks like when I turn that first item manual. This initially looks pretty good, but the grid bleeds off the right hand size of the container. This is with all the tiles auto and just the first one manual.

I’ve tried fixing the width on the grid to fix the above picture, but to no avail. Fixing this solution seems like a band-aid. I would love to find away to get that empty box to disappear, because I think if I turned every tile to auto it would solve a lot of my responsiveness problems. Does anyone have any insights on how to fix this?

Here are the settings for my grid:

Thank you all so much!

People will need a share link to help here Kay.

I’m so sorry I forgot! I edited it in the post to include it, but here it is:

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Cheers Kay

I think your main issue is due to specification of px widths on you grid containers. If you are going to use fixed, you need to ensure you adjust them down the break points!

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