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Empty space in my dynamic list gallery

Hello friends,

I wonder why this happens. After the client uploaded his projects an empty space only after the first dynamic list item occurred. What did I miss?

Thanks already for your help.

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @RomanZuend, is the client uploading and hosting on his own server? If so, could you also share the link to the published site?

Thank you for your reply @cyberdave.
No, the client is using webflow cms and therefore uses the complete webflow hosting package.

Hi @RomanZuend, thanks for that. Could you please share the published site link? Thanks in advance.

Hi @cyberdave. this is the link to the published site

Thank you so much for sharing

Hi @RomanZuend, the dynamic list items do not calculate the height of each item. I would suggest to add a class to the image, for example “gallimage” and then set the height on the image to be 150px or whatever height looks good to you.

See here:

Results in:

Does this help?

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Hi @cyberdave,
Thanks a lot! That helped.
But to keep the ratio 3/2 I did not use px but the vw value relative to the container DIV vw width value.

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Ok, @RomanZuend, thanks so much for sharing !

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