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Empty space after div transformation

Hi, I have this portfolio mosaic I’ve strugled to get it looking like I wanted, but to do it I had to add a transformation to one of the elements to move it up and fit in the mosaic; now I’m left with unwanted space on the bottom of the container, I’m guessing this space is because of the moved container, anyone knows how to solve it?

This is my read only link:

Hello! Set the height of your container with the class “Container 4” to 1200px. on Desktop.
Then continue to Adjust it for Tablet & Mobile.

Thanks man! is there any way I can do this and keep the height auto? or is this always a thing with moving/transforming an element from its original position :o ?

Btw, after doing this I ended up with a space on the next section that I can’t get rid of :expressionless:

Solved! got it working, I had to give overflow hidden to the portfolio/mosaic container! :slight_smile: thanks.

But still the auto height would show the extra space, it is ok with the fixed height but I was wondering if there’s a solution or is just that how it works.

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