Empty Collection - Cannot delete this collection as it is used in bindings

I am trying to delete two empty collection so I can remove the CMS entirely from one of the sites I’m working on.

However, I’ve deleted all dynamic elements from all pages and I’m still presented with ‘Cannot delete this collection as it is used in bindings’ error.

I’d greatly appreciate any help.

Here’s the site: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/ab-express?preview=0dc6a78c63413b48a366d870b8c68f55


Try to delete every single item within your collection first, then try to delete the entire collection.
Be sure that you did not use dynamic elements within your symbols.

Hi, the two collections pages only have the body element in them, no html elements whatsoever.

If you’re referring to the fields on collections settings, I can’t even delete any of them as I’m getting the error below:

Try unpublishing your site, then republish it.


I’ve deleted the unused elements I can find and I’ve also checked the symbols for dynamic content but didn’t find any. I’ve also unpublished the site, then republish it but to no luck.

This is getting frustrating.

Now I got the same problem myself ;P…there is no dynamic collection item linking anymore, but i cant delete the collection cause “its used in bindings…” Even when I m deleting all content and all sites the message does not go away…really bad.

edit: now it worked…took some time…

Hi, @byefrancis and @Daniel_Schultheiss, if you ever run into a case where you think all the bindings are deleted, but they are not, try to do a full version save of the site, by pressing cmd+shift+s in Mac or ctrl-shift-s in Windows.

If that does not allow you to delete the collection element(s) then send an email to support@webflow.com, we can help you quickly with that kind of issue.

At the moment, it is a lot easier to ADD a collection than to remove collections, although improvements in this area are to be expected :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


Thanks @cyberdave !!

I had the same problem and this fixed it! Thanks @cyberdave!

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Yes this is pretty annoying.

It knows they exists but tell you nothing about which files are using it as a reference to help you solve the problem.

Like a car mechanic saying, “yes there is something definitely wrong with you car” and that’s it. Here are your keys back. Thanks for coming!