Embeded widget does not work on webflow but works on other platforms

SOS. Hey all - i have a code that works when tested, and also works when I tested it on the showit platform, but when added to webflow it does not work properly. can anyone help?

here’s the read only - Webflow - Caitlin Rose

its on the “tour” page

This is the code I am trying to add:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Caitlin Rose


read only - Webflow - Caitlin Rose

code i am trying to add:

it also works on the preview link site when published so maybe its something to do with the domain?? Tour | Caitlin Rose

What is your exact question?

You can only view embed code on a published site (so on the subdomain or your own domain). It seems to work on the subdomain, so it also works on your own domain when published…

[quote=“papercranesmedia, post:5, topic:223147, full:true”]
the embed code works on the subdomain when published but not on the main domain! I cannot figure out why that would be. I think the code is correct since it works on the vanity URL but I can’t figure out why it wouldn’t also work on the published main URL

Do you have a link of the domain

yes, its Tour | Caitlin Rose

That looks like a WordPress shortcode which will never work on a Webflow site. Sounds like the other subdomain is running WP.

…it all appears to be working now from what I can see :slight_smile:

I can’t help, but some code doesn’t work when exported. I can see in this case, it’s Wordpress code which will not work, but some perfectly fine code simply won’t work when exported.