Embeded video has grey background on my smartphone for no reason

Hey guys,
I have this embeded video that works perfectly fine on my desktop pc but has this grey background on my smartphone. I checked all the settings but cant find a solution for that.

You find the video here at the top: https://www.alexander-schwarzkopf.de/
and on this page a little bit down: Shop- & Marketing-Analyse

Here are to images for direct comparison:

Somehow there is this grey background and sometimes not!
I really dont now how this happens.

Thanks for every help!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Alexander Schwarzkopf

Hi @Alexander_Schwarzk, thanks for your post.

I have looked at the site a few times in my own browser on mac in chrome and using browserstack browser testing service and I cannot see the grey background:

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Do you have any other examples?

Thanks in advance

Hey @cyberdave ,

thanks a lot for helping out!

This one is very strange.

I made an photo from another phone.

If i make a screenshot (like i did before), the grey area disappears on the screenshot.

I know it sounds kinda stupid. xD

This error only appears on my smartphone and my wifes smartphone.

Thanks again for the help!

Links: https://www.alexander-schwarzkopf.de/ and Shop- & Marketing-Analyse