Embeded script still works when accessing anoter page

Hi everyone,

I have a situation in which I have made a Dark/Light version of the website, it toggles by button tap. It works very simple, in a css embeded I added to each element a combo class “is-dark” with new proprieties.

Question is:
How can I keep the dark version still on by accessing other pages?

I understand it should keep those classes on the elements but how?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Alex_Naroi - so you’re asking when a user selects dark mode and then navigates to a new page how you keep their selection so the new page loads with dark mode enabled?

If so take a look here: https://persistent-dark-mode.webflow.io

Hey @sam-g , thank you for replying, I tried my best to follow up this example but i struggle very much with it. I just cant understand how can I add more classes to be changed, as far I see in the example, it shows only how to change the background-color of a page wrapper and some “a” and “paths”.
What i am trying to do is to include more classes with different proprieties like:

#content.light-mode .cell-app.light-mode{}
#content.dark-mode .cell-app.dark-mode{}

and I dont write it in css because i have already those combo classes already made.

Can you please point it out where I do wrong?