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Embedding xml code

Hi everyone, is it possible to embed a xml code in Webflow?
I have a form containing a select field I created using html and javascript, and I need to send its input to a CRM system using xml.

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OK I’m going to assume that what you are trying to do is this; when a form is submitted in your webflow site the form data is also sent to another server in XML format. Is this correct?

@webdev that’s exactly what i’m trying to do!

Well that is not possible natively with webflow. Webflow does support webhooks but the data sent would be JSON not XML.

You would need have an app running somewhere that could accept the WF webhook, then parse the JSON into XML and then submit it to your XML endpoint.

You might want to see if the CRM system supports Zapier. If it does you could use WF form -> Zapier -> CRM.


Thank you for your help @webdev!

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