Embedding Video without play button or controls in Ecommerce

Hello! Im trying to add a video representation of products in our store.
I’d like to add it as background video, since I want it autoplay, and I don’t want any controls visible.
But that does not seem to be a CMS option

Using Vimeo/YouTube forces to have their controls on the video which I can’t have

Any solutions?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Madina, thanks for your post.

The background video widget is not yet cms enabled, however you can try other custom code options.

Here is a link to a sample site where I am using Vimeo video as background video using the Vimeo javascript player: example-vimeo-background-video - Webflow

Another option would be to upload your video files to an external server outside of Webflow, then use some html to create a custom code background video, see this post: [Tutorial] How to add a Custom HTML5 Background Video

I hope this helps

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Worked like a charm !
Thank you @cyberdave

The html player is within a slider, is there by any chance a piece of code which can make the video appear larger ?

Whenever I try to do that through the div it always stays the same size.

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